Our Story

Jaden, a Ph.D. student of Computer Science, has a passion for cloth simulation technology. He develops the first prototype at school and is thrilled to see students having fun creating 3D garments with the program. Seeing how fun the program can be, Jaden decides to make it public so more people can enjoy it.

One of the very first users, a cosplay artist, thinks this could be a game changer in his community of cosplay artists, and suggests to launch a community.

Surprisingly, gains enormous popularity from the community of over 2 million virtual cosplay artists. Realizing the market potential, creates a program specifically for this target group, and name it ‘Marvelous Designer’.* 2009: First beta version of Marvelous Designer launches.

Marvelous Designer, found there were many crack versions. Creates concern over whether the program can even be profitable. That is when Weta Digital, our first client, reaches out to us. They have heard about us through the numerous artists in the CG community who are using the crack. Similarly, crack users talking about us in online forums leads major companies to find out who we are, later becoming our partners.* 2011: The first movie created using Marvelous Designer is ‘The Adventures of Tintin’.MARVELOUS DESIGNER USED IN

We realize that it is our users, including the ones that use cracked versions, that make us grow. It all started with a single artist who saw the potential of, growing to a community that embraced us, and finally to the industry leaders who heard about us from these individual users. Since then, the core of our company mindset has always been being user-focused, truly thinking from the users’ perspective.

While we are growing in the CG/gaming industry, we also want to fulfill what we initially envisioned and develop a program specifically for the apparel industry. We meet with numerous designers and pattern makers to do Proof of Concepts for our program, and receive valuable feedback from them that helps us develop the tools that cater to fashion designers’ needs. We create CLO to be as accurate and realistic as possible so that the virtual garments created in CLO look and act exactly the same as the physical garments.* 2010 : First version of CLO launches.

Our users for both programs are growing constantly and we actively engage with them to hear their feedback. User feedback pushes us to work harder to make our programs better. As a result, Marvelous Designer and CLO have constantly been improving for the past 10 years, thanks to our users.* 2010-2019: Marvelous Designer versions 2~8 launch.* CLO 1.0 ~ CLO 5.0 launch.

Leveraging 18 years of expertise in 3D garment simulation and virtual fitting, we develop more solutions
We launched CLO-SET (www.clo-set.com) to provide platforms for our users to use and interact with 3D garment contents.* 2018 : CLOSET Beta launches. Over 30,000 messages in Beta service, we continue to add on features that users want to see.* After successful Beta service, CLO-SET official version launched in February 2021, WE continue to add on features that users want to see.

And the journey continues. Until today, both CLO and Marvelous Designer have been used by experts in their each fields. Our team is constantly working on new projects. After all, our mindset has always been and will always be to focus on our users.